Colorado Kept The Original Kelly Cup?

Patrick J. Kelly and the ECHL Championship cup named after him came to visit the Fox Sports 1230 studios this morning and provided some never before released information.

On the Fox Sports Morning Blitz, Kelly told Anthony Bellino and Joe Kinsey that the 2018 Kelly Cup Champion Colorado Eagles never returned the Kelly Cup to the league. After winning the championship, the Eagles left the ECHL after back to back championships after announcing their departure in 2017. The only problem was they never returned the cup to the ECHL and the Kelly Cup the Walleye and Growlers are playing for is a brand new trophy.

“We can’t take the players names off but I can’t say his name but I wish we could take his name off.” said Mr. Kelly when speaking about the Eagles owner.

Kelly went on to say that he has never heard of this in the history of hockey which has been involved with since 1952. No statement has been made by the Colorado Eagles thus far and as has no action been made by the ECHL.

Martin Lind is the owner of the Eagles and helped along with the Avalanche to get the Eagles into the AHL.

Game four of the Kelly Cup Finals is tonight at the sold out Huntington Center for a 7:35 p.m. puck drop between the Toledo Walleye and the Newfoundland Growlers.

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