Strange Things Happening with BGSU Athletics

TOLEDO, Ohio- There are two jobs in the field of Athletics that are in my opinion, the most challenging to have: beat writer for a hopeless MLB team (looking at you Tigers), and any position in the marketing department of a non power 5 conference team. There isn't a ton of national coverage, it's nearly impossible to make a National Championship run and most people would rather spend their time/money on a more popular team. With all of those challenges, MAC schools usually do a pretty decent job at involving students and having fun with promotional ideas. Having said all that...I have never seen anything like what I saw on Twitter yesterday.

BGSU Athletics Stranger Things Tweet

I couldn't believe it. There was no way this could be a real promotion. I think what I loved most was how VAGUE this promotion was! Who gets these? How are they getting them? What brand of waffles are we talking about? Thankfully the Head of Athletic Communications, Jason Knavel, had some time to talk to me and confirm...this is real .

Listen to our full interview at the link below!

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