Matt Campbell on The Blitz

I think our friend Busted Coverage said it best, when saying that society likes to put College Head Football Coaches on pedestals. They can become God-like figures that are enshrined and worshiped by cities and Universities for years to come. Don't believe me? Go check out Ohio Stadium on Woody Hayes Dr. in Columbus.

BUT...that's not always a bad thing. These men invest a great deal of their time and energy into programs and the individual student athletes that make up the football team. They start out as strangers, but often end up as one of our own. Matt Campbell is about as likable as they come. Despite never bringing a MAC title to the Glass City, he never suffered a losing record, brought home two Bowl Game wins, was named MAC Coach of the Year in 2015, and NEVER lost in the Battle of I-75.

He did what us fans all ask of MAC coaches before they move on to bigger things; he left the Rockets program better than when he found it. The program hasn't skipped a beat, providing a solid foundation for Jason Candle to work off of, culminating in a 2017 MAC Championship. Although Campbell has moved on to Iowa St., he hasn't forgotten the people of Toledo that hold him near and dear to their hearts. You can catch all of Matt Campbell's interview with Anthony Bellino from the Fox Sports Morning Blitz this morning below.

Drake v Iowa State
"I know we wouldn't have even had a chance to be anywhere close to where we are or who we are today without the great people of Toledo."

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