Will The Detroit Lions Be Good?

I think I speak for most people in the area when I say I have no idea what the Detroit Lions will be this year. I've heard predictions ranging anywhere from 3 to 11 wins. The good news is we won't have to predict anymore after Sunday. The Lions have a week 1 match-up on the road against Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals. It's a game that most people believe should be a win for the Honolulu Blue. The problem is, a majority of the public hasn't seen what this Lions team actually consists of. Most NFL Head Coaches have been resting starters during the pre-season games to avoid injury. Mostly all snaps with the 1's are done in practice where the Coach can control the situation. So how do we know if the Lions will be any good?

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Returning for another season on the Fox Sports Morning Blitz, Logan Lamorandier of Lion Lowdown gives his analysis of what the 2019 Detroit Lions will be. Listen to what Logan thinks the strengths and weaknesses will be and if the Lions can squeak into the Playoffs!

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