Debunking The Hot Takes Surrounding Jim Harbaugh

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the Michigan Wolverines are off to an unceremonious start. The offense looked shaky in the season opener against Middle Tennessee St., and it looked non-existent last Saturday in a double over-time thriller against Army. Jim Harbaugh has taken a lot of heat during his tenure in Ann Arbor. For the most part, it's well warranted. Other's a little much.

Jim Harbaugh vs MTSU

I think most everyone that has or ever has hosted a radio show, has talked about the "hot take" culture that's plaguing sports journalism. Dan and the Dannettes have talked about it. Rich Eisen has talked about it. And of course, Anthony Bellino has talked about it. Obviously with Harbaugh being the boisterous coach that attacks the day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind, he's the focus of many hot take artists around the Country.

Friend of the show, Anthony Broome of SB Nation's Maize n' Brew, joined the Fox Sports Morning Blitz to discuss his recent article , and further debunk the hot takes surrounding Jim Harbaugh.

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