Heating Up the Kitchen

I always say that in the NFL, there are always one or two plays you can point out as reasons for a loss.

Like, running a draw play on 4th and 9.

Or, passing 4 straight times after a 1st and goal at the end of the game with all three timeouts.

The Browns fell to 1-2, both losses coming at home. Now they face what might be their toughest test, in traveling to Baltimore to take on an incendiary Lamar Jackson and the Ravens.

Los Angeles Rams v Cleveland Browns

It's still early in the season, but the Browns are the child stars of the NFL. They're a young team growing up with high expectations, while constantly being under a national microscope.

We're in week 3 now, and we've already had multiple non-performance related topics with the Browns. OBJ was a topic for breaking NFL rules by wearing an expensive watch during a game. Right now, Baker Mayfield is in a war of words with the king of feet, Rex Ryan, for calling him overrated. No Browns fan cares about these story lines, but here are some they should be concerned about:

  1. Baker Mayfield having a 3/5 touchdown to interception ratio.
  2. Freddie Kitchens' play-calling gaffes against the Rams in prime time.

Tennessee Titans v Cleveland Browns

AGAIN, it's still very early and the Browns can turn the season around. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't worry about the team. Losing a game doesn't always matter, but how you lose a game always does.

Dan Labbe, of Cleveland.com joined Anthony Bellino on the Blitz to discuss what's going on in Cleveland, and whether or not Freddie Kitchens should be on the hot seat.

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