Walleye Wednesday With Watty

What better way to kick of the weekly "Walleye Wednesday" segment than to have Dan Watson on?!

If you live under a rock and haven't heard, former rival from Ft. Wayne, Cody Sol has been signed by the Toledo Walleye on a PTO basis.

In addition to the Sol singing, there are plenty of new faces on this Walleye roster to make a run for the Kelly Cup.

Toledo Walleye

Here is the full interview of Dan Watson on the Morning Blitz with Anthony Bellino. He discusses the old faces, the new faces, and what to look out for from the 2019/20 Toledo Walleye roster.

Be sure to follow Anthony on Twitter for Toledo Walleye Content all season long!

Fox Sports Morning Blitz (@FSMBlitz)

Anthony Bellino (@ACBellino)

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