The King of Michigan Twitter: Scott Bell

If you're a Michigan Football fan and don't already follow @sbell021, then you are seriously missing out.

Scott Bell currently works for the Dallas Morning News, but is a Michigan alum, and lifelong Wolverine Football fan. Being such a big fan, he decided to have 2 separate twitter accounts: one for his work in Dallas, and one for Wolverine snark.

On Saturdays, you'll find his account tweeting about the game at hand, and/or trolling Michigan State and Ohio State fans.

Scott joined the Fox Sports Morning Blitz today to talk a little bit about his social media following, as well as his thoughts on Jim Harbaugh and the 2019 Michigan Wolverines.

Be sure to follow both Anthony and Scott on Twitter for Michigan Wolverines Content all season long!

Fox Sports Morning Blitz (@FSMBlitz)

Anthony Bellino (@ACBellino)

Scott Bell (@sbell021)

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