"Without Stafford, The Lions Are A Bottom Three Team"

As a Chicago-land native, I always look forward to the team of my youth playing the current team that I cover for work. A couple of weeks ago, this game looked like it would be a demonstration of the strength of the NFC North, with the chance of a division title on the line.

Instead, we were treated with two horrible offenses, one good defense, a backup Quarterback, and no hope to be found anywhere on the field.

The Chicago Bears won a closely contested game, as predicted.

To his credit, Mitchell Trubisky finally looked competent as a starting Quarterback and threw for three touchdowns on the day.

The problem is, it's much more a story of bad defense than it is a good offense.

Oh and by the way...Matthew Stafford was out with a broken back.

What does the future look like in Detroit without Matthew Stafford under center?

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears

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