Ryan Day: Handling Pressure

Just because most of the country is on lockdown, doesn't mean that work ever stops for College Football Coaches. And when you're the Head Coach for the Ohio state Buckeyes, the pressure of absolute perfection doesn't stop for global pandemics.

I had the privilege of covering "The Game" in Columbus 2 years ago, and let me tell ya, it just means more down there. Buckeye football is truly a religion, and the Michigan game is the holiest of gridiron holidays.

Ohio State v Michigan

So if we do have a College Football season, the Buckeyes and Wolverines will play, and a victory will be expected.

How do you handle that pressure? Not just the Head coach, but the players and staff too.

Here's Buckeye Head Coach Ryan Day, on the Fox Sports Morning Blitz with Anthony Bellino. Ryan talks about the prep work being done from home, spending time with his family, and the protective measures in place to support the physical and mental health of their players to combat the stress of being an Ohio State Buckeye. Oh and he might have Anthony convinced to start wearing a block O instead of a block M....here's the full interview from this morning.

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