Don't Feel Bad for Cody Parkey

My genuine reaction to Cody Parkey's missed kick was laughter. I laughed because it was unbelievable. I laughed because it was described as a "double-doink". And most of all I laughed out of self deprecation, because the Chicago Bears deserved this ending. 

I want to make this perfectly clear for you: I do NOT feel bad for Cody Parkey for missing that kick. 

I also do not care that the ball was supposedly tipped by Treyvon Hester of the Eagles.

The fact of the matter is that Parkey isn't a great kicker. Hell, he isn't even a GOOD kicker by NFL standards. He ranked 27th out of 32 with a 76% field goal percentage. He was 24th in extra points made, and was DEAD LAST in longest kick (50 yds).  

No, I couldn't do better. Most likely you couldn't either, and that's not the argument here. The problem is that my fellow Bears fans and I joked about this guy all season long! Don't believe me? Here's a tweet from a Chicagoan, Barstool's Big Cat.

Yea...that was on December 23rd. Ya know...over a month after he hit the goal post FOUR TIMES IN A SINGLE GAME. 

Go ahead and throw all of the "team" cliches you have at me. Go ahead and point out that Khalil Mack didn't affect the game until the 4th quarter. Tell me that the offense was terrible the in the first half. Maybe they should've given the ball to Tarik Cohen more than one time. The fact of the matter is that everyone else on the field, put themselves in a position to win that game. If Parkey makes that kick, we aren't talking about Nick Foles being a hero. The narrative isn't about the defending champs staying alive; it's about Mitchell Trubisky making a couple of clutch throws on the final drive to set up the game winner. Instead, we're talking about whether or not we should blame the kicker for not getting the job done. He didn't get the job done many times this season, and he didn't get the job done last night. I wasn't surprised, and you shouldn't be either. 

I Feel Sorry for Cody Parkey

On a human level, I do feel bad for Cody Parkey. Not because he missed the kick, but because he has to deal with jackasses tweeting at him with mob mentality demeanor. It's 100% alright to be upset that he missed the kick. I sure as hell didn't want to walk into work today and hear about the game. I wanted to walk in dressed like Mike Ditka while smoking a victory cigar, and ask you Toledoans where I could get a good Italian Beef (or at least something resembling one). But I'm not going to yell at some guy for making a mistake that has happened PLENTY of times to other teams. 

Save your hot takes and think before you tweet. Honestly, just be a decent person. Parkey wasn't a good kicker before the game, and the Bears should've addressed that earlier in the season. A Championship team would've made the adjustment, and the Chicago Bears chose not to. 

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