Glass City Celly Episode 49: Mamba Memorial

Last Friday afternoon, I sat at my desk at work, finishing up all of my daily tasks, making sure all of the radio logs were set for the weekend. Admittedly, I'm not exactly what you would describe as an "organized" person, therefore, you can imagine the random papers strewn across my desk. They're mostly scripts for commercials that needed to be produced, some with random notes scribbled on the back, reminding me of things needed to be done. At the end of the day, I crumpled the papers into a ball, and shot them like a basketball into the garbage can across the room, yelling "KOBE!" as I missed most of the shots.

If you're around my age (25), you understand what I'm talking about. You've probably done this at some point in time of your life. I remember being in high school gym class, chucking up horrible three point step back shots like he did, yelling his name with each attempt; It's what we all did.

Most of yesterday I sat in shock from the moment I got the text, to when I finally fell asleep.

Kobe Bryant passed away at the young age of 41.

Phillips 66 National Swimming Championships

To be honest, much of the past two days haven't been spent thinking about the Black Mamba. The guy that spent years with ice in his veins. The guy that emulated Michael Jordan and won 5 NBA championships. No, most of the time has been spent reflecting on the tremendous family man and champion of the game Kobe Bryant was.

Here are Jake and I's reaction to the shocking news, as well as a recap of the Battle of I-75 this past weekend and the NHL All Star game.

I'm a kid from the suburbs of Chicago that doesn't remember the Jordan years. For my generation, Kobe Bryant was our Michael Jordan. He's the closest thing to Michael we've ever seen. So with that being said, keep chucking up the fade-away jumpers, and remember to yell his name.

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers

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