Detroit Red Wings Unveil "Reverse Retro" Jerseys for Upcoming Season

Don't get me wrong, football season has been...well not fun but it's here so I can't complain too much. But don't you miss the start of hockey season? At least when hockey is here, I can pretend to forget about all my football teams that suck, and casually watch something else.

Luckily for us, the NHL gave us a little taste of the upcoming return, with a new alternate jersey initiative called "Reverse Retro". The "retro" portion is very important, so keep that in mind later. This is the first time the NHL has sparked a league wide uniform plan:

"Adidas worked closely with the NHL® and each team to design a Reverse Retro jersey representing unique and historical moments in each club’s history, while refreshing the color and design combination for an all-new presentation."

Sounds pretty awesome right? Red Wings fans, brace yourselves for this wild innovation.

Woven from Hockeytown's DNA....?

WOVEN FROM HOCKEYTOWN'S DNA?!?!'s literally a white jersey with some silver stripes. That's it.

No new logo, no new color scheme, just a silver stripe. Pathetic.

The reason it's disappointing is because the Wings are an original 6 team; there is a expectation of greatness. Do a black jersey. Do double stitched numbers and letters. Do literally ANYTHING else.

For reference, here's a fellow Original 6 team:

Alternate base color? Check.

Vintage logo? Check.

See, not so hard.

To be fair, I think many other NHL teams missed the mark here. But when you're a historic team like the Wings, with a bad team, the least you could do is roll out something flashy. Hell, I'll take something flashy and bad at this point.

Oregon football misses the mark sometimes, but at least they always take the shot.

I suspect given the recent performance on the ice, Red Wings jersey sales are down. This basic design, won't be boosting any holiday sales.

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