Introducing Toledo's Hallway Nerds Sports Podcast

I want this on the record right now, that this might be the worst idea I've ever had.

Over my time in the sports media biz, I've talked sports with a lot of people. I'll talk about going to games, what press conferences are like, what my thoughts are on the NFC North; the list goes on.

Conversations usually stay in that comfortable realm...until I get back together with my friends. We'll have civil debates about the meek outlook of the Chicago Bears, and then spiral into a screaming match about the best Halloween candy.

Yes, really.

And these conversations usually end with "we should have a podcast".

Well, after years of saying no, I've finally given in.

This is about as close to being a part of our group chat as you can get, so consider yourself warned.

This is Episode 1: The French Fry Debate.

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