Chicago's New QB1

"The Bears have traded up."

Instantly, my phone started blowing up.

What was supposed to be a relatively boring draft night for the Chicago Bears, became a franchise altering event. Because Ryan Pace, with his job on the line, traded up for a Quarterback in the first round...again.

With the 11th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears selected that athletic QB from Ohio State, Justin Fields.

The Right Move?

So let's get the negative out of the way: yes, Ryan Pace is an idiot that can't be trusted.

Remember when he traded up for Mitchell Trubisky? Ya know, the kid from Mentor, Ohio that played only one season at the powder blue blood powerhouse North Carolina Tar Heels? Yea...bit of a reach there.

It also took a hefty deal to get Dave Gettleman of the Giants to trade back into the late first round, something he has never done. So the Bears now have no first round pick next year, so I hope you got some enjoyment out of this year.

This was obviously a desperation move by Pace who's job is on the chopping block if the Bears offense doesn't turn things around. The benefit of drafting a young QB with superstar potential, is he becomes a bargaining chip at the end of the season when you're begging to keep your job. "Give me another year, we need time to develop Fields".

So the McCaskeys will give in and loosen the leash on Pace and his staff. As for Head Coach Matt Nagy, he won't be so lucky.

If the GM's job is on the line, who do you blame first? It's gotta be the coaching staff right? Just ask Stan Bowman with the Blackhawks about this.

CFP National Championship Presented by AT&T - Ohio State v Alabama

There's Hope

The bright side is that Justin Fields has potential to be an absolute stud in the NFL. Once regarded as the inevitable #2 pick in the draft, Fields saw his stock fall after a rumor of a questionable work ethic that came from an alleged Buckeye staff member. Despite the rumor, nobody from the program has confirmed this and Ryan Day strongly refuted that report.

I've been lucky enough to see Fields play in person, and the dude can play. He can beat you in the air. He can beat you on the ground. And he has a toughness and will to win that all coaches only hope to instill in their Quarterback.

Is he ready to play week 1? Absolutely not. Expect to see the Red Rifle-Andy Dalton-under center for that first game.

Come week 6, I expect the staff to be desperate and let Fields loose.

The pick was an absolute gamble, but at least the city of Chicago can be excited

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