Zepf Center: Don't Skirt the Issue - Help Fundraiser

Don't Skirt the Issue - Help Fundraiser - Raising Money for HOPE HOUSE Recovery Housing

For information: Pat Nowak – 419-461-0155, pnowak258@gmail.com 

“Don't Skirt the Issue – Help,” will be held on Friday, October 19th at the Zepf Community Center, 2272 Collingwood Blvd. All proceeds benefit the Zepf Center and are directed towards developing THE HOPE HOUSE. The house is designed specifically for mothers, allowing them to continue working on their recovery, without being separated from their children, the #1 reason why women leave treatment. Over $72,000 has been raised for this effort. The HOPE HOUSE, located at 3322 Cherry St. is expected to open in November. Tickets are $60.00 each - for tickets or more information, please visit www.zepfcenter.org or call 419-841-7701 ext. 2296.

“Don't Skirt the Issue – Help” is an evening of music, friends and fun at the Zepf Community Center featuring T-City Groove and Guy in the 419 - Pat McCarty. Emcee for the evening is Fred LeFebvre 1370 WSPD. Honorary Chairmen are Chris Fedele, Kellie Holeman and Barbara Hendel.

The event features food from area restaurants, including Ciao, Real Seafood, Saba's Bistro, LaScola, The Pinnacle, Libardo's and Manhattan's. Desserts are being planned by women in recovery. Amazing gifts are lined up for the live and silent auctions including a trip to Turks and Caicos', an apartment in France, sailing cruises, dinner and wine tasting at The Pinnacle. Major Sponsors are Stapleton Insurance, Walker Funeral Home, GKN Driveline-Bowling Green, Eastman Smith, MLiving Magazine, 13Abc, IHeart Media-Toledo and Sylvania Advantage 

The volunteer committee members planning the fundraiser are Sally Goligoski, Joanna Koenigsecker, Laura Glover, Cathy Carroll, Katy Walker, Candy Baker, Karen Freiberger, Carol Willison Sandy Roberts, Cy Dunlap, Trina Meadows, Pat Nowak, Jane Wurth, Cheryl Johnson, Lori Olender, Angelita Cruz Bridges, Christine Coleman, Amy Parker, Karen Schlichting, Lynne Saad, Mark Calzonetti, Cathy Daney, Noah Hupp, and Rae Glover.

Many of these volunteers have personal life stories and have joined in this fight against opioids because they feel the need to campaign against the opioid crisis. Their goal is to raise money to save the community in which they live – it is dedicated volunteers, such as this, that assist in the war against opioids and make the HOPE HOUSE possible.Tickets are $60.00 each - for tickets or more information, please visit www.zepfcenter.org or call 419-841-7701 ext. 2296.