DeWine- Restrictions on county fairs, relaxing rules on day care

Because of a recent rise in the number of coronavirus cases in the state Governor Mike DeWine announced today he would limit activities at county fairs while loosening COVID-19 restrictions on child care providers beginning in August. An order to prohibit games, rides and other carnival activities at fairs scheduled to start or occur after Friday will be issued and at this point only junior fair activities will be allowed to continue, DeWine said. At least 22 cases of COVID-19 and possibly one death were traced to the Pickaway County Fair which was held last month. There's been no word on similar exposure at the recent Lucas County Fair.

The other news from today's presser included the governor also announcing that effective Aug. 9, child care providers will be allowed to return to normal capacity. They can maintain their lower capacity and receive a government subsidy or they can go back to normal and not receive one. Day cares will still have to comply with requirements, which include face coverings for all staff and children over the age of 10, as well as temperature checks for workers

Photo Credit-Getty Images