Day of Dignity

Islamic Relief USA will hold its annual Day of Dignity campaign in major cities throughout the country, including one in Toledo with our partner, The Bounty Collegium.

The Day of Dignity campaign consists of a series of events held around the nation to help get people who are homeless or from low-income households, among other sociological conditions, access to such essential items as meals, winter coats, hygiene kits, health tests, and school supplies. In Toledo, the event will take place from noon to 6 p.m., on Saturday, Oct. 24, at 1 Stranahan Square.

In addition to assisting people who suffered from the various aftereffects of Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, Day of Dignity will continue its original mission/objective by helping people who have suffered from long-standing poverty, hunger, and homelessness long before the coronavirus outbreak.

"Islamic Relief USA has held the Day of Dignity event for several years," said Sharif Aly, IRUSA’s chief executive officer of Islamic Relief USA. "The events enable people who are in some of the most difficult and stressful circumstances to get access to necessary items and services. Poverty and homelessness, unfortunately, remain major problems. The present coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated those problems, leading to greater inequality and inequity. In addition to basic goods, attendees also learn about the different agencies and other entities which they can connect with and continue receiving the guidance and resources necessary to help them get on a path of self-sufficiency."

Also this year, Islamic Relief USA has partnered with Citypak Project, a non-profit initiative to provide attendees with its innovative backpacks. The bags, which contain ponchos, reflectors, anti-theft loops and several straps and pockets, are produced by High Sierra. The bags will be provided at several Day of Dignity events this weekend.

“Our focus is to help as many people as we can with no barriers based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, identity or beliefs,” said Citypak Project founder Ron Kaplan. “We need to bring people together to help those less fortunate, so we are grateful to Islamic Relief USA for their humanitarian efforts and their generous partnership.”

Because of the coronavirus, some of this year’s Day of Dignity events will have contactless drive-thru setups. Some will be similar to prior years, but adhere to social distancing guidelines to prevent community spread. 

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