Pregnant Kylie Kelce Discusses Jason Kelce's Dedication As A 'Girl Dad'

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles

Photo: Getty Images North America

Kylie Kelce, wife of Philidephia Eagles' center Jason Kelce is set to conceive the couple's third child this month, and it's another girl. During an interview with People, just days before Super Bowl LVII, Kylie mentioned that Jason hopes to eventually have a son, but is very happy to be "girl dad."

"He would always be like, "'No, no, we'll get a boy. We'll get a boy.'" And I'm like, "'You got to stop challenging the universe. Stop saying it because you're the universe is like, '"Yeah, okay.'" Despite growing up with one brother and no sisters, Jason has fully jumped into being a dedicated father of two girls and Kylie enjoys watching his love grow for their daughters.

"It's been amazing to see him sort of transformed from only having a brother, not having any first cousins, so really having like no experience with little girls. And now, he is just absolutely head over heels in love with his daughters, and they feed that back to him tenfold." The birth of their third baby girl is so close that Kylie, otherwise known as Philadelphia’s "Most Valuable Pusher," plans to bring her OB/GYN with her to the Super Bowl just in case.

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