Kyle Rowland: "Yes, There's an Asterisk"

Ladies and Gentlemen, against all odds, there will be baseball!

It was announced yesterday that the regular season will be 60 games long, with an expanded playoff. In addition to that, games going into extra innings will start with a runner on second to increase scoring chances.

As with all changes made to baseball, many people are not happy. But given the circumstances of the world right now, aren't we just happy to have, I don't know....ANYTHING?

Cleveland Indians v Detroit Tigers

Cleveland Indians v Detroit Tigers

Here's Toledo Blade sports writer, Kyle Rowland, on the Fox Sports Morning Blitz with Anthony Bellino. Listen to Kyle and Anthony discuss the supposed asterisk on the season, as well as the exciting summer of Golf in Toledo! Could the U.S. Open be in Toledo's future? Listen and find out!

US golfer Tiger Woods tees off on the fi

US golfer Tiger Woods tees off on the fi

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