Colin Cowherd Summarizes Every NFL Week 9 Game in Just Three Words (Nov. 4)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Seattle Seahawks

Colin Cowherd Summarizes Every NFL Week 9 Game in Just Three WordsNovember 4th (Full Video at Bottom of Page).

49ers at Cardinals: “FINALLY JIMMY'S TEAM” – “This is how you develop a quarterback. You don't ask a young guy to take over a team, but sparingly you need him to save you. It was Thursday night where the running game evaporated, defensive line didn't show up, and they needed Jimmy to take over. HE DID."

Texans at Jaguars: “MINCED MEAT MINSHEW” – “Gardner Minshew had the second lowest passer rating of his career and he now leads the NFL with seven lost fumbles. I get he's a hipster, has a mustache, and probably drives a Corvette, but when you put him and Deshaun Watson on the same field, I like Deshaun BY A LOT."

Redskins at Bills: “HASKIN TOO MUCH” – “Good job Redskins, let's ask a rookie to play against the third best defense on the road in Buffalo. How about you ease him in and not make him face the team that Tom Brady couldn't even move the chains against."

Chiefs at Vikings: “DON'T TRUST VIKINGS” – “They're 0-13-1 against winning teams outdoors the last three years! They're great at 1 o'clock at home as the favorite, but put them against a good team outdoors and they STINK."

Titans at Panthers: “ALL-IN ON ALLEN” – “Kyle Allen is 5-1 and his only lose is against the 49ers. We can make all the excuses for Cam being hurt, but their last 7 games with Cam they were 0-7, and the last six with Allen they're 6-1."

Jets at Dolphins: “DRAINING THE TANK” – “Miami lost ten straight and how do you solve it? Face your former coach. Miami is well-coached, has some nice perimeter players, and they're going to have a bunch of Draft picks."

Bears at Eagles: “ONE FIRST DOWN” – “They had ONE first down in the first half and that was from a penalty! Stop trying to convince me that Mitch Trubisky is your guy."

Colts at Steelers: “STEELERS STILL ALIVE” – “Pittsburgh is 7th in the AFC and is only one game out of the Wildcard. They have a GREAT offensive line and have only allowed eight sacks all year. I'm not into Mason Rudolph but they have some playmakers and get after the quarterback."

Lions at Raiders: “HOME SWEET HOME” – “This was the first home game for the Raiders since Week 2! It feels like they were in Dusseldorf the last two months. Josh Jacobs is a baller and just broke Bo Jackson's rookie rushing record. If I was in Vegas I would buy season tickets NOW. They are an absolute blast to watch,"

Bucs at Seahawks: “EVEN MORE DANGER-RUSS” – “Russell Wilson is ridiculous and this is a rare Pete Carroll team that doesn't play any defense. Does anyone throw a better deep ball and a better corner fade than Wilson??"

Browns at Broncos: “SHAVING, SHOES, SHHH” – “Can they have a week where there's NOT a non-football story? Baker is shaving twice before games with two different beards, and Odell Beckham & Jarvis Landry care more about their shoes than the games. Stop building your brand and win football games."

Packers at Chargers: “PACKED IT IN” – “The Packers had 50 yards in the first half with Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, and Davante Adams."

Patriots at Ravens: “LIGHTS, CAMERA, JACK-SON” – “Lamar Jackson is now 11-1 facing teams for the first time. This team is fun. They have big tight ends, run the football, and I find them fascinating. Teams only practice with pads on one day a week so good luck trying to prepare for them."

Cowboys at Giants: “DON'T SLIP UP” – “Dallas you're coming off a bye, don't slip up! You already lost at Metlife against the Jets once and you better not screw this up again."

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